Emerald Lane Angus is a family owned farm in North Central Wisconsin.

From our start as a dairy, through a series of transitions and finally to raising Angus Beef. Care for the animals has always been our top priority.

From our Angus cow herd, which boasts some of the top blood lines in the industry, we serve our fellow producers seeking to increase their herd’s quality, with “top-shelf” bulls and females. Offspring from these animals are often grown on our farm to provide the best Angus Beef possible for our customers.

Our cows roam across Emerald meadows during the grazing season as they raise their calves. When the season ends they are fed hay and other forages we harvest to help them through our Wisconsin winters.

Care for our animals and producing quality beef is of the utmost importance. That is why we use absolutely no growth or added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  The steers are fed a high forage diet, customized by our bovine nutritionist, which assures you of the high quality of Angus Beef.